The current economic conditions present a challenge to elevate revenues making it vital for companies to control their expenses just to uphold profit margins and sustain or increase cash flows. Organisations have the choice between cutting headcount while investing in their future endeavours using computerized maintenance management software or using a more advanced Enterprise Asset Management systems or EAM solutions in Kuwait.
Enterprise Asset Management or EAM implies to the total management of an organisation's physical asset. EAM systems have gained popularity as the chosen tool for operations management in numerous industries such as Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Building Management, Sports, Mining, etc. It is beneficial for any business that requires an enhancement in their inventory control which is achieved through better monitoring, maintenance and capital purchasing.
According to studies, 65% of EAM revenues are generated by small and medium size businesses in the present market that are using the technology to maintain their competitive edge. It enables to control the expense actively which results in decreased costs and sustainable profit margins. An Enterprise Asset Management system assists your company in the organisation of asset operational issues as well as transforming them into opportunities to capitalise on. EAM can add value to your organisation by:

  • Improving the inventory control, management and disposal
  • Deploying preventative plan for maintenance planning and execution
  • Enhanced management of asset life cycles
  • Better capital expenditure control
  • Faster return time for compliance issues
  • Efficient inspection processes
  • Effectual work order systems
  • Implication of Go Green concept by reducing paper flow
  • Improved asset utilisation
  • Enabling proactive management decisions as oppose to conventional reactive fire fighting.

The organisations utilising such systems, be it EAM solutions or ERP solutions in Kuwait, have reported positive effects on their operation. In the past there were simple asset management programs that operated on various methodologies such as Kaizen, Six Sigma and JIT to better exploit processes and assets. The integration of technology happened next with software programs developed to organise and track inventory. Technology has developed since, increasing efficiency by means of barcodes and handheld mobile devices. The new technology applications including RFID applications are around the corner but have not accomplished complete integration.
Today IT in Kuwait can offer you your business all these effective hi tech solutions. These business solutions help you to monitor your business more closely and aids in identifying loop holes easily. By implementing these you can be ahead of the competition and stay profitable in the long run. 

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