Fire is one of the most dangerous things that can ever happen in different places such as home, establishments, schools, communities, etc. It can be caused by different factors, from gas leaks, candles, electrical short circuit to natural causes like heat waves and wildfires. No matter the cause, fire can only mean one thing- endangering the lives of all.
Because of this, ways to fight fire has been a concern for many countries all over the world. For instance, there are different systems used in fire fighting Kuwait does. An example is a method called Gaseous Fire Suppression. It extinguishes fire by using certain chemical agents and inert gas.
There are four ways these chemical agents work on a fire suppression system these are Reduction/Isolation fuel, Reduction/Isolation of oxygen, Reduction of heat and Inhibition of chain reaction of components. When these methods are combined, it is known as the Fire Tetrahedron.
And if you are curious about how to apply these extinguishing agents, well, there are two ways to do that. The first one is called the local application where the extinguishing agent is applied directly into the fire using a 2 or 3 dimensional region that surrounds the object on fire.
The second method is called total flooding. This applies extinguishing agents in a 3-dimensional enclosed area, concentrating the agent and allowing it to reach a specific volume percentage of the agent found in the air, making it adequate to suppress fire.
This system also uses fire detection, agent storage containers, agent release valves, delivery piping and dispersion nozzles and can be delivered through a solid propellant gas that gives off chemically active gas, making it one of the best clean agent fire suppression systems Kuwait has.
Aside from that, some fire alarm systems Kuwait uses include fire detection systems like wiring control panels and actuation signalling that can be very helpful in fire extinguishing. As a matter of fact, this system has been administered by the NFPA Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems.
But of course, you can’t take safety precautions for granted, especially when using such fire suppression system. One must be aware that it can also be a health risk as one of the primary components/agents of this suppression system is Carbon Dioxide. In fact, there are cases of people getting killed due to suffocation because of carbon dioxide. In order to avoid it from happening, safety systems like a warning alarm must be installed and switched on at all times. And most of all, awareness and proper training must be provided to everyone who is involved to ensure safety. 

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