In this information rich present protection of your business data is of utmost importance. Not only you should take measures to protect the data from data theft or damage threats on the cyberspace but also you need to take adequate measures for the security of data from physical damage like fire. This is the reason clean agent fire suppression systems in  Kuwait have become so popular for the protection of data center, server room or NOC sites.
You should research well and secure these premises with a fire alarm systems Kuwait has to offer. The equipment should be of good quality and also should be low in cost. Read on to know what factors you should consider while picking the right equipment for fire fighting in Kuwait.
First do a quick research and find out about the different classes of fire. Thanks to the internet you can easily get most of the required information online. All you need to do is take some time out and run a search. Majorly fire is divided into four classes which are,
Class A: Here the source of fire can be wood, trash, paper or other combustible materials. Class B: The fire source in this class can be flammable or combustible liquids. 
Class C: In this class the fire source is electrical equipment. 
Class D: This class of fire is the most difficult to control. Here the source is certain ignitable material.
Each of these classes of fire can be controlled or eliminated by using specific substance. If the proper method and the right fire suppression system is not used then the fire might aggravate instead of being eliminated. Widely fire suppression systems fall under three categories:

  1. Water Based: It is commonly used for the security f server room in the form of sprinklers. It can be tough on your budget as the it requires high maintenance but it is considered to be the most effective fire suppression method in the industry.
  2. Clean or Gaseous Agent: This method is considered superior to water based fire suppression system. It can control and eliminate fire more faster and effectively. It also is non conductive to electricity so does not damage the electronic equipment. Though this is not harmful for human beings but it is not very environment friendly.
  3. Aerosol:This fire suppression system is very effective long term solution. It is safe for human beings and environment as it is made up of non oxygen depleting and on dirty residue substance.
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