It is a challenging task to navigate the boat in the open water far away from the land. It is an exciting, yet complex operation. Boating is a very gratifying experience provided your boat is equipped with the proper tools to ensure safety. Appropriate equipment and quality systems for marine navigation & monitoring in Kuwait can guarantee faster and safer boating experience.
It is essential to ensure that the boat has the required marine electronics. In terms of safety, the least requirement is to have a VHF Marine Radio and a compass prior to leaving the shore. There are other important electronic devices required on board such as GPS plotter, fish finder or depth sounder, radar, autopilot and more advanced ones such as an Automatic Identification System and a networked navigation system. The operation and applications of the marine navigation electronics equipment are listed as follows:
The autopilot is a recommended tool for mariners especially if they are set for a long course. Autopilot aids in the automatic steering of the boat, which in turn alleviates the person from weariness. It is quite helpful for individuals who troll while fishing. As the boat is controlled automatically, it enables the captain to enjoy the fishing. Moreover, it is effective in fuel saving as it maintains the pace of the boat to the optimum fuel efficient speed.
Fish Finder
Individuals who fish for pleasure or hire can be helped greatly by a good fish finder. Fish finder functions by using SONAR. In principle, the sonar operates by transferring a signal through the water column until it hits a sufficiently massed object and a signal is bounced back to the device, thus producing an image. Hence, it shows the depth of fish with reference to bottom structure. In case a fish finder is not an effective option, a depth sounder with a digital readout is also a fine alternative as it is more cost effective.
Automatic Identification System
An Automatic Identification System is essential electronic equipment for marine navigation. It transfers your vital information to other boats and their important data to you such as the accurate position of the boat, longitude and latitude, time stamp, rate of turn, course over ground, etc. It provides this information every 2 to 10 seconds when the boat is on its course and every 3 minutes when boat is anchored. In addition to the aforementioned information, it also provides data about the dimension, location, and type of other boats or ships. It is the complete electronic instrument for collision prevention.
In addition to the marine navigation tools and devices, it is also important to equip your boats with the latest broadcasting systems in Kuwait. You also need to hire the services of one of the good telecoms services Kuwait has to offer.

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