The Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP plays an important role in modern business; hence it is warranted for an individual working in an organisation to possess a general knowledge of the key components of ERP. Ever since the arrival of the desktop computers in the beginning of 1980s, businesses have incorporated the technology in their operations at an increasing rate. The application of computer technology in business has been aimed at elevating the productivity through information management. The introduction of the internet and progress in network technologies has made it necessary for businesses to implement computer technology to computerize regular tasks such as word processing, accounting, etc. to an advanced level. These advanced software applications, like the ERP solutions in Kuwait, exploit the computer technology and facilitates businesses to gain a wider perspective of the operations. It enables them to share data in a faster manner among the organizations, departments and personnel resulting in better management. EAM solutions in Kuwait is also a similar application but the focus is on the ERP solution.
ERP mainly apply to the software but it also includes hardware and software systems utilised in the gathering, storing, recovering and using of information through an enterprise. Hence, ERP can pertain to a single microcomputer utilising an accounting package in sales, inventory and billing navigation & monitoring in Kuwait. ERP is a very complicated subject and can be comprehended best by reviewing the major components.
The type of hardware in an ERP system depends on the size of an organisation. In case of small businesses, the hardware component could be a single microcomputer or a couple of microcomputers connected over a local area network (LAN). The LAN acts as a server, which admits data inputs, processes it and supply it to other software applications. In larger businesses, an enterprise utilises a dedicated server, which is a minicomputer. Minicomputers possess a greater operating and storage capacity and can service multiple users at once.
The ERP software includes most business operations and activities such as financial management, human resources management, etc. It utilises the best business practices approach that guarantees data correctness and reliability. Among the basic considerations of ERP software is if the business processes and practices will be compatible with ERP software standards without any fundamental alteration of the software. In short, the software component of an ERP system is the core of business information, the blood of the organization.

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