The safety of lives and property against the hazard of fires is essential; warranting the element of fire safety in the design and construction of Kuwaiti homes. It is not necessary that every home or establishment is adequate in defence against fire incidents, with regard to both structure and function. Therefore, the installation of fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems in Kuwait homes diminishes the risk of property being burnt down due to fire incidents. Usually, the causes of huge fires are the smaller fires ignited by a combustible chemicals, burning cigarettes in the garbage, etc. The presence of fire extinguishers in every corner of the building can prevent any fire mishaps from occurring. The reduction of the risk of fire is a preventive measure and far less expensive than rehabilitation. It is, thus, recommended to the company owners to invest in fire safety equipment.
In addition to the presence of perfectly functional fire fighting equipment, it is also significant that surrounding people have the adequate knowledge in using them. A commercial or industrial building may have an adequate number of fire fighting equipment, but unless the workers have training in using them the building will remain susceptible to fire hazards. The installation of fire fighting equipment is merely the first step towards a fire safe environment. It loses its effectiveness if a company does not train its employees in fire prevention and fire response procedures.
In the present market, fortunately, there are fire extinguishers available which are simple and user friendly such that any person can comprehend the illustrated or stepwise instructions provided. It is critical to the fire safety plan that this equipment be located at the key areas which are more vulnerable to fire hazards. The location of the equipment is determined by a thorough assessment of the areas and any potential ignition spots such as electrical wiring or chemical storage areas, etc. Such areas should be equipped with fire extinguishers and the people working nearby should be properly trained in their use. There are various kinds of flammable materials, which results in varying number of fire accidents with diverse nature. Each and every type of fire requires a corresponding extinguisher type to be smothered. In the design phase of the building, engineers can incorporate fire safety structures in an addition to fire extinguishers like sprinklers, foam generating fire equipment, clean agent fire suppression systems in Kuwait, etc. Refilling facilities in Kuwait can help you maintain the equipment.
Remember, there are three main factors in the fire safety: installation of adequate firefighting equipment, training and observance of the building code.

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