Broadcasting is a term that refers to a form of communication that distributes contents such as video and audio to receiving audience. And well, there has been a development in broadcasting systems Kuwait has done over the years to upgrade the out-dated standards of old systems like AM and FM analogue radio, PAL, SECAM and NTSV analogue TV. 
It has been upgraded to RDS/HSDS data signals on FM subcarriers, PAL Plus, a system that accommodates film video with 16:9 aspect ratio., AM stereo and FM stereo which is DSB modulated and uses an audio spectrum that is around 38 kHz.
Apparently, governments and broadcasters hesitated to introduce the new systems because such innovation in public broadcast standards would need major investments as it will eventually replace all the receiver sets at homes.
And fortunately, digital transmissions were introduced. It can be modified much easier and is said to be even more flexible because it enables the Set Top Boxes to convert MPEG digital signals to analogue standard which can then be watched on ordinary TV sets.
There are different types of broadcasting systems available today. Some of these are not only for home and media purposes, but also telecoms services Kuwait has embraced this as well.
And without further ado, here are the different types of broadcast systems.
1.  TELETEXT - This is a system that adds the data into the blanking interval of an analog television signal. It has been developed in the the 1970s to relay information like weather, news and TV channel program guides.
2. AM BROADCASTING - Amplitude Modulation or AM refers to long, medium and shortwave signals that can travel across the earth for worldwide broadcast services.
3. ANALOGUE FM BROADCASTING - Another audio broadcast system that delivers a much better quality compared to AM radio.
4. DIGITAL BROADCAST SYSTEMS - Digitalising of the radio and television broadcasting networks has become a milestone in the broadcasting world. Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and Digital Audio Broadcasting systems are just a few examples. This can not only improve audio and visual services, but also enable multimedia services and navigation & monitoring Kuwait roads through the use of satellite and terrestrial signals.
Most of the broadcast system can only be transmitted one-way. But developers aim to achieve standardising digital video broadcasting and digital terrestrial television broadcasting concepts that can deliver an even better and clearer quality. And soon enough, it will also be transmitted in mobile terminals, making it possible to deliver and receive information efficiently whenever you want, wherever you are.

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