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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) help organisations make better decisions for the allocation, maintenance, scheduling, and disposal of equipment and properties. Being an IBM Premeir Partner, our company is able to offer the best local support for EAM application to a broad range of clients in the Oil & Gas, government, as well as to the private sectors. ACC has been at the forefront in providing organizations with EAM solutions in Kuwait. A globally competitive market demands that businesses make optimum use of their resources, which can be best achieved with the implementation of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions. As an IBM Premier Partner, we are a leading provider of EAM solutions which includes products, services and training. Over the years we have cultivated a reputation of excellence with an ever-increasing list of clients that include Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, and Kuwait National Guard. ACC’s team is well experienced in EAM solutions in Kuwait to help companies extract the highest ROI from the investment in EAM. Our solutions are designed to reduce implementation risk and benefit from a lower total cost of ownership. In addition, organizations can ensure sustained compliance with regulatory standards. An EAM solution is an important tool that monitors and manages the deployment, performance, and maintenance of an organization’s assets. It saves time and money and enables better decision making to improve asset performance management and profitability. At ACC, our endeavor is to remain the leading provider of EAM solutions in Kuwait to help companies benefit in a number of ways. This includes increase in labor efficiency and reduced overtime and the ability to manage work order processes efficiently. Our EAM solutions are also designed to provide cost effective maintenance solutions and adopt various scenarios to identify optimum asset levels. Organizations that desire to create a comprehensive vision by consolidating metrics from various operational and financial systems to improve their current and future performance have the maximum support from our qualified and experienced professionals at ACC.  
  • Kuwait Oil Company

    In February 2008, KOC awarded the EBEAMS Contract to Arabian Construction Company (ACC) for the Implementation, Training and Support of the e-Business and Enterprise Asset Management System (eBEAMS).
    The Contract Scope of Work is primarily for the replacement of the Indus Passport MMMS System with IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management as well as the implementation of e-Business functionality. The Contract was executed over 6 stages from Initiation & Planning, Design & Development, Configuration, Testing, Training & Go-Live, and Warranty Support.
    The Contract includes 2 years of on-site warranty support and was later extended to cover resources outsourcing for onsite maintenance services.
    The Implementation phase of the project was completed End of 2010. The project eBEAMS went Live on 9 January 2011 and the maintenance support phase is now live since August 2011. The contract period ends in 2015 and includes on-going warranty and maintenance support services.
    In addition to the standard IBM Maximo footprint, i.e. Maintenance Management, Material Management, Contracts Management, and relevant data repositories for Assets Hierarchy, Labor records, Job Plans, Inventory Items,  contracts line items, etc. and the specific industry components and other add-ons such IT Service Management, Transportation Management, Work Scheduling, Calibration, GIS, Linear, and Oil and Gas; the Contract includes the development of 200+ operational BIRT reports and Key Performance Indicators along with the development of several interfaces and integrations.
    The project also includes Data Cleansing, Data Collection and Data Management exercise catering for Inventory Items Cataloguing, Purchasing Contracts Data Cleansing, Assets Data Cleansing, etc.  This exercise covered several components of the Data Conversion & Migration including: Data Source Identification, Data Gathering, Data Cleansing, Data Mapping, Data Conversion and Loading.
    The training phase of the project took place over a period of about 5 months around the Go-Live date with 1000+ man-days and 100’s of KOC end-users. The training is an on-going activity and this is currently being handled by the ACC support resources.
    During the project scoping, we have identified 131 legacy systems and those were mapped and analyzed against IBM Maximo.  As a result of this analysis, 57 systems were replaced by Maximo and 23 were selected for integration.  A further 51 systems did not impact the Maximo project and were left as specialist standalone systems.
    One of the benefits of legacy systems replacement/consolidation is streamlining of the relevant processes and elimination of information silos.  One particular example of information consolidation is mainly evident in that Maximo has become the corporate Personnel Database. 

  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company

    Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) operates three refineries in Kuwait processing approximately 1,000,000 barrels per day of crude. In addition, KNPC has a Local Marketing Department, which operates the petroleum distribution within the State of Kuwait.
    The KNPC operations cover several activities across three campuses and its Head Quarters.
    KNPC operates 3 Refineries with refining capacity of:
    ·        Mina Al Ahmadi – 415,000 bpd
    ·        Mina Abdullah – 240,000 bpd
    ·        Shuaiba – 195,000 bpd
    KNPC Local Marketing Department
    ·        Petrol stations throughout Kuwait
    ·        Car Washes
    ·        Supplier to over 2 million consumers
    KNPC Head Office
    ·        Corporate Planning, Finance, HR
    ·        Commercial, Legal, I.T, Projects
    ·        Corporate Communications
    IBM Maximo based Enterprise Asset and Material Management Consultancy and Software Implementation Services
    KNPC selected Maximo for its asset management and maintenance capabilities as it needed to drive greater value out of its existing assets, including three large independent refineries, thereby reducing costs and strengthening its competitive positioning. The scope included Finance, Maintenance Management and Materials Management. Functionality was the most important criteria and Maintenance Management was the most important area.
    ACC has implemented a major IT project called KIMS to replace KNPC’s core business systems in Maintenance Management, Materials Management, Procurement, and Contracts.
    ACC has implemented the Maximo package from MRO Software, which was selected as the best of breed solution to address the requirements of KNPC.
    The contract was further extended to cover the supply, installation and maintenance of the IT side of the project (development servers, PCs, printers, networking components, facsimile machines, photocopiers, etc.)
    KNPC management required a review of the system performance and system value to the organization from a user perspective. KNPC initiated an internal post implementation review.

  • Kuwait National Guard

    The Kuwait National Guard (KNG) is a Government Military Organization established with a mission to safeguard Kuwait and its nationals. The KNG Head Office is located in Reggie and the branch offices are at different locations in Kuwait. The Information Systems Center (ISC) is a subunit of KNG and provides information technology (IT) support services to other units of KNG.
    The Kuwait National Guard (KNG) had embarked on a project initiative to develop an Integrated Logistics Support System (LSS).  The LSS addresses the KNG requirements for Inventory, Purchasing, Contracts, Maintenance and Accounts Payable as well as integrating to their existing Admin, Finance, and HR Systems.
    ACC have implemented the MAXIMO Enterprise Asset Management Suite, a fully integrated open system based on latest technology catering to the functions of the Logistics Support System requirements (LSS) at KNG and integrating with their existing Admin, Finance and HR Systems.
    The system implementation was comprehensive taking the guidelines of a Military organization:

    • Stores & Inventory Control (Civil & Military)
    • Maintenance (Civil & Military)
    • Logistics (Integration with other systems and MIS)
    • Transportation (Civil & Military)
    • Services Management
    • Fixed Assets
    • Purchase Orders
    • Contract Management and Administration
    • Financial Projections (Budgetary)
    • Accounts Payable
    • Financials Integration

    The contract was later extended to cover the supply, installation, and maintenance of the IT side of the project (Server, PCs, Printers, Handhelds, and Networking components). 
    KNG have derived a number of significant benefits from this project, to summarize a few:

    • A leading standard off-the-shelf stable and proven software package
    • Frequent software upgrades enabling KNG to stay abreast of technology development
    • A high quality, low risk solution with a very rapid time to benefit

    The project was completed in the year 2004 and ACC still provides on-going yearly support.

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