Fire Fighting Equipments and Foam Systems

ACC offers complete package of firefighting equipment’s and Form systems from the world prestigious manufacturers such as Angus Fire UK, Walker Fire UK, Moyne Roberts UK and Badger Fire USA. Our Firefighting equipment’s include firefighting equipment boxes, sprinkler systems, landing valves, hose reels, fire hoses, Fire Extinguishers, cabinets, foam and deluge system. In addition to the integrated system ACC also offers front-line fire defense with portable extinguishers, the most trusted brands of extinguishers in the market place. ACC experienced engineers and factory certified staff is able to assist you through assets hazard analysis, system design, installation, maintenance and technical support.
  • Al Hamra Tower

    Located in Kuwait City, Al Hamra Tower anchors a commercial complex comprising offices, health club, and a high-end Shopping Mall with theater and food court. Soaring a height of 414 meters, the iconic Al Hamra tower is the tallest building in Kuwait.   The tower is also said to be the world’s second tallest concrete structure and the tallest office building in the Middle East with a total built-up area of more than 300,000 sq m including the mall and a multi storey Car Park covering a footprint are of 7,000 sq m  making it bigger than many small cities.
    ACC was awarded with Fire Fighting equipments installation for the five level shopping mall, 11-storey Car Park and temporary fire fighting system for the entire Tower of 80 floors.

    The fire fighting solution provided by ACC for this most prestigious project comprises of water sprinkler systems, landing valves, hose reels, fire hoses, Fire Extinguishers, cabinets, foam system for the protection of diesel generator room and deluge system for LPG room.
    ACC obtained all necessary approvals for the design and equipments from Kuwait Fire brigade and the consultant.  Coordinating with contractors of other trades was the biggest challenge faced by ACC during the execution of this prestigious project. 
    Our professional team backed with years of extensive experience, have successfully completed the installation of the entire fire fighting system which has been already commissioned and inspected by Kuwait Fire Brigade.   At present our Engineers are facilitating final hand over of the project to the owner and the Fire fighting Equipments to the Maintenance Contractor ECOVERT FM.

  • Agility - Kuwait

    Agility is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics with more than 25,000 employees having 550 offices located in 100 different countries.
    Agility required a foam system at one of their warehouses in Mina Abdulla. This warehouse was protected by a closed head sprinkler system and due to various types of stored materials it was a must to change the system to cope with probable emerging hazards.
    Agility’s Mina Abdullah storage facilities have various flammable products that are protected by water sprinkler systems alone. The water sprinkler system was capable of extinguishing the fire; however, this system was vulnerable to two additional problems such as;

    1. Only  water sprinkler system is not capable of quick extinguishment, the product containers can erupt and spill.
    2. It typically requires a great deal of water to extinguish a flammable liquid that is miscible in water.

    We suggested a balanced pressure proportioning Bladder Tank Foam System which is the most effective and efficient method of mixing foam concentrate with the water supply. This system is also the most applicable and code matching solution to convert the existing water sprinkler system into foam system which can facilitate in quick extinguishment and water reduction.
    With this method, the foam concentrate is introduced into the sprinkler riser at a similar pressure as the water. The foam concentrate flows into the innovative ultra-wide proportioner, which is installed in the sprinkler riser. The proportioner meters the correct quantity of foam concentrate into the water as the water flows through the proportioner to the sprinkler heads.
    This foam system solution has helped the client in minimizing the warehouse down time required during new instalaltions, decreased the insurance cost of the warehouse and resulted in 100% fire protection coverage.

  • Kharafi National

    Since its establishment in 1976,  Kharafi National has developed from a local contracting company into a world-class Pan-Arabian Infrastructure Project Developer, Contractor and Facilities management service provider capable to undertake a wide range of challenging projects.
    Karafi National was awarded the electromechanical scope for two of the biggest projects in Kuwait namely  Arraya Offices Tower and 360 Degree Mall. As both the projects were prestigious, the end users were looking for the best of the bread fire fighting branded materials to be supplied and installed in their projects.  Kharafi National could not think of any other name than ACC, a highly competent fire and security contractor in Kuwait market.
    ACC had to provide full fire fighting packages matching with client’s specifications and requirements. That is including fire fighting equipments such as fire fighting equipments boxes, hose reels, portable fire extinguishers, water sprinklers, floor control stations and wheeled fire extinguishers.
    ACC's sales and procurement team put in a lot of efforts and time to ensure both Kharafi National and its client’s requirements were met and to guarantee total client satisfaction. ACC supplied the fire fighting packages to Kharafi National as scheduled and without any delay.
    Both the projects obtained their fire fighting approvals on time that enabled timely electricity supply by the government which lead to accurate launching time.

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