Hardware Upgrade

    Project Name: 
    IT Hardware Upgrade
    Project overview: 
    IT Infrastructure and Data Center Upgrade

ACC employees had been facing continuous problems accessing emails, business applications and corporate data.  These problems were mainly due to, unreliable hardware, slow servers, old operating systems and a lack of proper back-up and restore facilities. Many of these problems were particularly noticeable for employees working off-site. In addition, problems such as insecure servers and large quantity of SPAM emails were found regularly infiltrating into our mailboxes.
Our Technical Manager was given the task of improving our systems availability and hardware reliability. This challenge included optimizing our internal system platforms to meet changing business needs, providing email continuity, serving an out-of-office workforce and safeguarding our company’s communications and data.
Our main objective while performing the update was to migrate current domain controller (DC) from MS Windows 2000 and MS Windows 2003 to the latest MS Windows 2008 version, without making major changes to our existing environment and to remove all unwanted server entries from the old DC. Our IT team spent a considerable amount of time performing this task. They managed to successfully integrate ACC’s entire pool of servers with the newly migrated DC, making sure ACC's data was intact and was transferred to a new location with an up-to-date user configurations.
As an ISO certified company, we had to adapt more stringent back-up policies without hampering functionality or reliability. One of the major requirements in our company is to safeguard and protect loss of valuable data in case of a fire emergency, data corruption or even a theft.  We therefore had to find a solution that could back up and retrieve data at any point of time. This data had to be accurate, undamaged and had to be made available to the user in the shortest available time. We opted for a new automated backup and restore solutions from Symantec which enabled us to deliver the required objectives with a much smaller backup window, more efficiently and in a proven manner.
All the servers at ACC have now been upgraded with HP's DL series servers and with the latest version of Microsoft Windows, along with well known Mail Security Solutions from GFI and Symantec’s Backup Exec software. After successfully ‘going live’ with the upgraded system we witnessed a reduction in support calls and an increase in system performance. Our new email and security system has greatly reduced SPAM emails and has helped our staff members to be more productive, especially when away from their office desks.
Overall this upgrade process has greatly improved access to data, system functionality and reliability within our organization. Our IT department has achieved a new level of reliability and performance by delivering features that simplify our administration tasks, help protect our communications, file shares and delight our users by meeting their day-to-day business demands.

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