Internal Projects

The innovative solutions we offer our clients, are based on the efficient application of technology and processes that we have learned within our own business. Below are just a handful of the internal projects we are investing in for our and our clients' benefit  
  • Personnel and Administration

    Our company witnessed a positive development in the Personnel and Administrative Affairs Department which was initiated by the need to improve the department in order to cope with many problems we were facing, such as an overwhelming volume of work and problems involved in managing the internal affairs of around 300 employees.
    The aim of our development initiative was to manage the large work volumes, to better manage the internal affairs of our employees and to work on providing their daily and monthly requirements; including residences, identification cards, health insurance, as well as issuing monthly reports. This had to be completed without obstructing the administrative work of our company in other areas.
    These tasks required an automated system which would facilitate smooth work flow.  Two new software's were installed that replaced our old software's and was followed by a complete data migration as well as a successful update.  Salaries are now fully automated and integrated with each employee data information enabling easy and fast management of salaries.
    In addition, new software and the upgrade helps us in completing all types of annual leaves, sick leaves, work leaves, as well as presenting the monthly reports, salaries, bank account statements, leave entitlements and other vital information.
    We have also introduced the use of Smart Soft software for preparing and printing all the ministries’ forms, renewing residences, civil cards, business and family visas as well as commercial permits and others.
    Our Administration Department now has fully automated administrative functions and procedures that are required daily, these include the following:

    • Employee selection and recruitment
    • Processing visas for overseas employees
    • Employee enrollment
    • Probation & Confirmation
    • Residency transfer formalities
    • Processing all kinds of leave: annual leave, sick leave, business leave etc.
    • Dealing with day to day personnel related issues in the ministries  (MOSA)
    • Processing terminations, resignations etc.
    • Processing end of service benefits.
    • Recommendations for increments and promotions.
    • Allotment & custody for company mobile lines and vehicles
    • Maintenance of all admin and personnel records.
    • Issuing circulars, memos, notifications etc.
    • Renewal of company licenses.
    • Shipping & clearance.

    These improvements are part of our constant efforts to improve our internal administrative works in the aim that this will reflect positively on our abilities to better serve our employees and customers alike.

  • Implementing Oracle Application

    Our Finance Department provides a comprehensive financial accounting and reporting system that meets its daily operations in addition to presenting valuable information to ACC's management. It is managed in accordance with International Accounting Standards & Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP).
    The department safeguards all the company assets and promotes their efficient use while adhering to prescribed management policies. The information available with our Finance Department provides the company management with valuable financial planning tools. It performs many major functions such as:

    • Financial Accounting and Reporting to Management
    • Budget and Forecasting Analysis
    • Purchasing Cycle Monitoring
    • Monitoring of Accounts Payables and Receivables
    • Fixed Asset and Investment Management
    • Project Profitability and Feasibility Study
    • Payroll Management
    • Cash Flow Analysis

    In an effort to increase accounting and financial performance, our management agreed to implement the use of Oracle Applications in our company.  This was a step taken in order to improve the department capabilities in performing its functions and give the management an added advantage in managing business with a contracting company that involves simultaneous projects in different fields of Telecommunication, IT and Fire Fighting. Those complex and daily challenges require efficient financial and accounting abilities that aims at facilitating the efficient execution of our projects.
    Once Oracle e-Business Suite was chosen, it was the implementation phase that posed the biggest challenges and delays especially in the transition from our old system to the new system. Despite these challenges, we managed to get to the final stage and the changeover was a great success.
    The use of Oracle system has had a major impact on our operations. In addition, our database has become more secure and accurate when performing activities with sub-ledgers.
    All our business activities now use the Oracle Applications system standard features. We have found this system convenient for customising reports as per management needs, providing accurate results in reports for our customers and suppliers and performing accurate reconciliation between our statements and bank statements. In addition it has also been effective for reconciling with sub-ledgers and general ledger periodically and providing on-time statements for the management.

  • Hardware Upgrade

    ACC employees had been facing continuous problems accessing emails, business applications and corporate data.  These problems were mainly due to, unreliable hardware, slow servers, old operating systems and a lack of proper back-up and restore facilities. Many of these problems were particularly noticeable for employees working off-site. In addition, problems such as insecure servers and large quantity of SPAM emails were found regularly infiltrating into our mailboxes.
    Our Technical Manager was given the task of improving our systems availability and hardware reliability. This challenge included optimizing our internal system platforms to meet changing business needs, providing email continuity, serving an out-of-office workforce and safeguarding our company’s communications and data.
    Our main objective while performing the update was to migrate current domain controller (DC) from MS Windows 2000 and MS Windows 2003 to the latest MS Windows 2008 version, without making major changes to our existing environment and to remove all unwanted server entries from the old DC. Our IT team spent a considerable amount of time performing this task. They managed to successfully integrate ACC’s entire pool of servers with the newly migrated DC, making sure ACC's data was intact and was transferred to a new location with an up-to-date user configurations.
    As an ISO certified company, we had to adapt more stringent back-up policies without hampering functionality or reliability. One of the major requirements in our company is to safeguard and protect loss of valuable data in case of a fire emergency, data corruption or even a theft.  We therefore had to find a solution that could back up and retrieve data at any point of time. This data had to be accurate, undamaged and had to be made available to the user in the shortest available time. We opted for a new automated backup and restore solutions from Symantec which enabled us to deliver the required objectives with a much smaller backup window, more efficiently and in a proven manner.
    All the servers at ACC have now been upgraded with HP's DL series servers and with the latest version of Microsoft Windows, along with well known Mail Security Solutions from GFI and Symantec’s Backup Exec software. After successfully ‘going live’ with the upgraded system we witnessed a reduction in support calls and an increase in system performance. Our new email and security system has greatly reduced SPAM emails and has helped our staff members to be more productive, especially when away from their office desks.
    Overall this upgrade process has greatly improved access to data, system functionality and reliability within our organization. Our IT department has achieved a new level of reliability and performance by delivering features that simplify our administration tasks, help protect our communications, file shares and delight our users by meeting their day-to-day business demands.

  • Establishing Quality Management System

    As the scope of our company business was witnessing a sharp increase in volume, with many projects to handle at the same time, our management was concerned about the consistency and effectiveness of our internal management capabilities in coping with these new responsibilities. The need to organize ourselves in an efficient way and to provide our services in a consistent manner was needed more than ever before.  This was especially true as we were providing diversified engineered solutions in telecommunications, fire fighting and I.T.
    Every procedure in our company needed to be reviewed and our workflow needed to be re-defined. The decision to implement Quality Management System at our company was inevitable and was taken in the aim to achieve efficiency and consistency in the operation and control of our company.  If we were to serve our client in the best possible ways, this was the road to take.
    Initially we defined our company’s organization chart with reporting lines, conducted thorough job analysis and developed job descriptions for all designations in each department. The Quality Assurance Manager studied the flow of each & every activity and translated the same into structured procedures for all the departments.
    Apart from quality manual and mandatory procedures required by the standard, we developed 15 business procedures, some of those are sales & product licensing, tendering, contract preparation and mobilization, project execution, maintenance, purchasing and storing. All the procedures were designed in a flowchart format. As an example, a sales procedure has a sequential flow of all the processes required to complete it from customer inquiry until the item is delivered and the invoice is raised. Similarly, we implemented a data-backup procedure that involves daily, weekly, monthly and yearly backups in addition to safe-keeping of these hard disks in a location outside our premises. Each procedure clearly indicates primary & contributory responsibility of the staff involved.
    The whole review took approximately a year, and the end result was an effective quality management system which was implemented in the year 2007 in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000.  In July 2009, we made a successful transition to 9001:2008 standard, obtaining UKAS accreditation through Bureau Veritas.
    The implementation of Quality Management System in ACC has greatly improved efficiency, achieved greater levels of customer satisfaction, won the trust of suppliers and customers and enhanced company reputation for integrity.  Within the organization, standardization of work procedures, streamlined documentation and control of documents and records have provided consistency and satisfaction in terms of methods, interaction with all activities, easy knowledge transfer and work transition.
    QMS is now an integral part of ACCs work culture. Internal audits by QMR and trained internal auditors at regular intervals and periodic surveillances by Bureau Veritas serve as platforms for continual improvement of ACCs Quality Management System. On regular intervals, all department managers meet to review the effectiveness of QMS and our procedures.  In these meetings we discuss deficiencies and improvement methods to enhance our workflow.  In addition, our QA Manager conducts internal audits throughout the year to measure the effectiveness of our system and keep a high level of compliance.

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