The search for reliable IT solutions is an ongoing challenge for modern businesses. ACC multi-disciplined engineers are able to offer their knowledge and vast experience in many distinct areas in this fast moving industry. Modern businesses have a constant demand for reliable IT solutions which ACC is well equipped to meet. Our multi-disciplined engineers are among the most experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals who understand the ever-changing environment of IT in Kuwait. Over the years we have become a key player in the IT sector both domestically and internationally as well. We are well recognized for providing IT solutions and services to a variety of verticals which includes banking, oil & gas, security, and many others. Our core competencies include ERP solutions, EAM solutions, data cataloging, handheld mobility solutions, and special systems to help organizations analyze business data and make better decisions. ACC is committed to remaining a pioneer of IT Solutions in Kuwait with a focus on delivering Enterprise Wide Solutions. Our customer-centric approach combined with technical expertise help our clients streamline their IT services and improve productivity. Our enterprise resource planning solutions are designed to help businesses and organizations facilitate the flow of information between all their internal and external functions as well. We have an excellent team of IT professionals that design Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions for clients from a broad spectrum of public and private sectors. This includes Oil & Gas establishments such as Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, and an integrated logistics support system for the Kuwait National Guard. As a leading solutions provider of IT Solutions in Kuwait, we also offer a number of special systems to help organizations in statistical analysis and decision making reduce time and financial loss. Our clients include Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) who are able to monitor business activities across the board. At ACC, we are also known for our Handheld Mobility Solutions for a wide range of applications which include inventory management, data capture, and more. This includes the design and implementation of solutions for retail, logistics, and public agencies.
  • Special Systems

    To support ERP and EAM solutions, organization turn to Special Systems to support the Decision Support process. Decision Support Systems (DSS) help organizations to analyze business data and present it so that users can make better business decisions. DSS is an "informational application" (to distinguish it from an "operational application“, such as IBM Maximo and Oracle E-Business Suite that collect the data in the course of normal business operation). Typical information that a decision support application might gather and present would be: Comparative sales figures between one week and the next; Projected revenue figures based on new product sales assumptions. DSS may present information graphically, include an expert system,  and may be aimed at business executives or some other group of knowledge workers.

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  • Handheld Mobility Solutions

    Our Handheld Mobility Solutions cover a wide range from simple scanning for inventory management to portable computing applications and data capture. Based on Motorola, renowned brand and a market leading Windows Mobile platform, we offer single-device simplicity (together with impressive barcode scanning options) designed for retail, public agencies, logistics and mobile fleet handheld technology that extends organizational knowledge into the field instantly and accurately. On-the-spot receipt printing is done on the most rugged and well known printers from Datamax-Oneil, with an extensive range of Zebra Technologies specialty thermal printers for barcode labels, RFID printers/encoders, embedded/kiosk, and card printers.

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  • EAM Solutions

    Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) help organisations make better decisions for the allocation, maintenance, scheduling, and disposal of equipment and properties. Being an IBM Premeir Partner, our company is able to offer the best local support for EAM application to a broad range of clients in the Oil & Gas, government, as well as to the private sectors.
    ACC has been at the forefront in providing organizations with EAM solutions in Kuwait. A globally competitive market demands that businesses make optimum use of their resources, which can be best achieved with the implementation of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions. As an IBM Premier Partner, we are a leading provider of EAM solutions which includes products, services and training. Over the years we have cultivated a reputation of excellence with an ever-increasing list of clients that include Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, and Kuwait National Guard.
    ACC’s team is well experienced in EAM solutions in Kuwait to help companies extract the highest ROI from the investment in EAM. Our solutions are designed to reduce implementation risk and benefit from a lower total cost of ownership. In addition, organizations can ensure sustained compliance with regulatory standards. An EAM solution is an important tool that monitors and manages the deployment, performance, and maintenance of an organization’s assets. It saves time and money and enables better decision making to improve asset performance management and profitability.
    At ACC, our endeavor is to remain the leading provider of EAM solutions in Kuwait to help companies benefit in a number of ways. This includes increase in labor efficiency and reduced overtime and the ability to manage work order processes efficiently. Our EAM solutions are also designed to provide cost effective maintenance solutions and adopt various scenarios to identify optimum asset levels. Organizations that desire to create a comprehensive vision by consolidating metrics from various operational and financial systems to improve their current and future performance have the maximum support from our qualified and experienced professionals at ACC.

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  • ERP Solutions

    Enterprise resource planning integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization, embracing finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management, etc.  ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated software application. Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.
    ERP plays an important role in the functioning of any business with the aim of enhancing productivity with the help of information management. If you are looking for ERP solutions in Kuwait, ACC has all the resources to help organizations solve their challenges and achieve peak operational efficiency with the integration of technology. ERP involves the integration of internal and external information across the board, which includes production, finance, sales and service, payroll management, business intelligence, human resource and customer relationship management and more. Integrating these activities facilitates the flow of information between all business functions.
    We specialize in cost effective ERP solutions in Kuwait to help companies reduce their IT costs without compromising on the quality of their products. Our client list includes a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations including the Central Bank of Kuwait, a banker and financial advisor to the Kuwait government for whom we successfully implemented Oracle Human Resources Management System, a turnkey solution to streamline their HR activities.
    ACC has the experience and dedication to solve the toughest ERP challenges which makes us a leader in ERP solutions in Kuwait.  Our experienced team of qualified and trained engineers offers delivery solutions to fit every type of business with an emphasis on quality and consistency. This allows our clients to monitor and measure what’s happening in every detail of their business and make well informed decisions based on real-time data. Our flexible ERP solutions allow you to add functionality as your business grows. 

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  • Data Cataloguing

    Data Cataloguing and Cleansing is a vital process for organizations upgrading, changing or implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems. Finding the internal resources for the job can be time-consuming and ultimately more costly than outsourcing to the right experts for the job. ACC has adopted practices and methodologies, quality assurance processes and exceptional project management capabilities to suit your master data requirements.

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