Kuwait Ministry Of Communication

    Project Name: 
    Fiber Optic - PCM System

In 1992, as Kuwait’s existing telephone network was severely damaged due to its invasion by Iraq, MOC sought to procure a reliable and advanced telecommunications system through a bidding process.
Our company was amongst the participating bidders and was awarded by the Ministry of Communications (MOC), to design, engineer and install Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) technology involving 20 exchanges over a fiber optic cable, to transport large quantities of data and voice lines throughout Kuwait.
In collaboration with Nokia Telecommunications- Finland, and the cable manufacturer, ANT Bosch Telecom – Germany, our company executed this turnkey project which involved the installations of around 43 links of 140Mb/s PDH system with 5000 multiplexers, varying from 140Mb/s to 2Mb/s. These had to be sorted by card type and installed as per site requirement.
After the system was successfully installed,  MOC engineers were trained on the new Nokia transmission system at Nokia Telecommunications Training Centre in Finland and gained additional knowledge on fiber optic cable installation, splicing and testing.
The complete PCM system was ready for operation within 18 months. Almost 240 Km of fiber optic cables were installed between MOC exchanges. The PDH system was installed in 20 exchanges, capable of carrying 82,000 voice/data units per second and thus creating a hotline (H/L) and 4 wire (4W) systems.
This system works as a backbone transmission system between various MOC exchanges. The H/L system has 3 types of channels: hotlines, between 2 exchange subscribers, ring down channels involving a local battery switchboard and universal units for remote subscribers.
As part of the offered system, a monitoring center for the transmission management system was installed that collects, processes and presents information on alarms from all the 20 exchanges to the operators, giving them full information and control of the equipments round the clock.  Our company continues to provide maintenance and support services for MOC.

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