Kuwait Naitonal Pertroleum Company

    Project Name: 
    Intra-refinery Fiber Optic Cable Plant

In 1998 our company was selected as the prime contractor by Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) for the installation of an intra-refinery fiber optic cable plant to link a total of 26 buildings inside KNPC’s three main refineries and to install an inter-refinery fiber optic cable link between these refineries to carry high speed voice and signaling data between networks and digital exchanges, in Mina Ahmadi (MAA), Mina Shuaiba (SHU) and Mina Abdallah (MAB).
ACC planned and engineered an underground fiber optic-armored cable to provide all required facilities to support data communications in each refinery. For this turn-key project ACC carried out a detailed survey of existing underground services. The project involved hand excavations to avoid damaging the underlying cables and strict adherence to safety regulations and precautions in place.
Composite type fiber optic cables were installed, outdoor fiber optic cables were armoured with steel wire and lead protection between inner and outer sheaths. Outer sheaths were designed with material which would be resistant to crude oil and petrochemicals and were painted with carbon for protection against ultraviolet radiation. The indoor cable outer sheath was constructed of low smoke, halogen- free material.
ACC installed a Nokia SDH transmission system, STM-1, in fully redundant ring configuration with ADD/DROP feature at MAA, MAB and SHU with automatic switching capability.
The intra-refinery fiber optic cable plant was ready within 8 months. This plant replaced KNPC’s existing copper cable network and upgraded all required facilities to support data communications in each refinery to transmit data signals from a central location to several individual data outlet locations.
Inter-refinery fiber optic cable links established a fiber optic cable link between KNPC refineries and Ministry of Communications (MOC) and implemented high speed data, voice and signaling between their own exchanges, wideband videos conferencing, e-mail and the voice and data of the trunking radio system of KNPC.  KNPC upgraded their existing copper telephony network to digital and established their own ISDN network.

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