Kuwait Oil Company

    Project Name: 
    PON CW
    Project overview: 
    Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Passive Optical Fiber Cable Network Company-wide

Our Company was awarded by M/s KOC a PON CW project. Under this contract, KOC required a complete passive fiber optic cable network infrastructure capable of transmitting a minimum of 100 Giga bit per second signals from Security Systems, DWDM/Transmission equipment which required the construction of 1000Km duct system comprising of manholes and handholes with 2-way double walled corrugated HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) 120mm pipes and HDPE sub-ducts 40mm laid in one of the ducts. One of the sub-ducts is to be used to lay the fiber optic cable by cable blowing method. The fiber optic cable shall meet the ITU recommendations G-655 characteristics with 48 fibers.
Most of the excavation work must be done in ‘Hazardous Areas’ which poses high risks. Excavation is being carried out by hand, down to the required level in all types of surfaces, soils and rocks inclusive of asphalts, gatch roads/track roads and paved surfaces in part of Kuwait. The works involves the excavation of trenches one (1) meter deep and 0.60 meter wide along the cable route to lay 2-way pipes and backfilling of the trenches after laying of pipes and compaction. Micro tunneling is being carried out for laying ducts across highways, wherever required. Electronic ball markers and cable route markers are being installed along the routes as well.
The ducts and accessories are of the latest standards of OSP installation practices of communication system. The ducts and couplers are designed to withstand high pressure, suitable to blow the jacketed fiber optic cable through sub-ducts laid inside. Sub-ducts used are internally spirally ribbed to give longer blow ability for jacketed fibre optic cables with a minimum blowing distance of 2000 meter per shot. In general, the cable route shall run parallel to existing roads and to maintain physical ring configuration and redundancy return route shall be selected on the opposite side of the road.

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