Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

    Project Name: 
    Materials Data Cleanup

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) a wholly owned Kuwait Government company specialized in oil exploration operations, on-shore and off-shore surveys, crude and natural gas explorations, drilling of test wells and developing of producing fields had accumulated a significantly large number of ambiguous and superfluous descriptions in its material database in their first legacy system called CMMS. Additionally, such data continued to be recorded into this MMS database. KOC have decided to clean up this materials database in order to make its procurement operations and CMMS more efficient and to minimize the costs of their operations.
ACC with its vast expertise in data cataloguing field successfully implemented a cleanup project which included the following activities;

  • Update existing material specifications
  • Provide the right tools to maintain material specification
  • Provide quality control procedures to monitor and improve quality post implementation
  • Templates rationalization
  • Review of existing commodity codes
  • De-duplication
  • Physical inspection of items
  • Liaise with Parts OEM to update Part No. and Specifications

The project has been further expanded to run in parallel with the KOC EBEAMS implementation whereby the legacy CMMS is being replaced with IBM Maximo in order to ensure that data is properly populated within Maximo.
Extensions/variation orders were also issued for the cleanup of Asset Data, Contract Lines, Vendors and so on.

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