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ACC provides complete turnkey Mobile Network solutions implementing radio networks distributed over land areas called cells or base station. When joined together these cells provide radio coverage over a wide geographic area. This enables a large number of portable transceivers (e.g., mobile phones, pagers, etc.) to communicate with each other and with fixed transceivers and telephones anywhere in the network, via base stations, even if some of the transceivers are moving through more than one cell during transmission.   ACC additionally provides from complex to simple non-telephone cellular system catering from trunked radio networks for the public saftey domain to taxi driver's radio system where the taxi company has several transmitters based around a city that can communicate directly with each taxi.   Cellular & wireless local loop based on CDMA, WCDMA, VHF, UHF…etc Private trunked mobile radio network based on Tetra, SmarTrunk, IPT 1327…etc Conventional radio network Dispatching systems Network planing systems Network management systems Antennas distribution and management Towers & equipment shelters civil structure RF, fiber, & copper cables Measurement & testing systems Rectifiers, UPS, batteries
  • Kuwait Ministry of Communications

    In September 2003, our company was awarded by the Ministry of Communications (MOC) a contract to design, supply, install, test, commission, and support a 3G wireless local loop & cellular CDMA-2000-1X composed of a complete mobile network center and 10 base stations to support up to 20,000 users. The network would have to be integrated with existing PSTN and mobile operator networks.
    The network coverage included newly developed suburban and rural areas such as Sabah Al-Nasser, South Surra areas, Abdalli, Wafra, Khaitan, Khiran, and Al- Zoor.
    The main challenge was to put the network in operation and to roll out the services in a short period of 2 months.
    To meet the deadline we promptly activated the project mobilization, performed the surveys, confirmed and approved the final designs, ordered the system materials, and co-ordinated with the various government parties for licenses and rights of way. By the time we were awaiting for the system equipment to arrive, we installed the towers and shelters civil works and electrical works and on closing the time of the infrastructure work, the main system material arrived and we sequenced and synchronized the work to flow in parallel to setup the network core at the centre and installed the outdoor base stations. With coordinated project planning and management we successfully put the network in operation within a period of two months for the South Surra areas and subsequently for the other areas. The network core was interfaced with the entire MOC tandem, local and international exchanges and the service was provided to all the system users.
    After commencing the operation of the network, the MOC operators received training on the daily remedial maintenance and operation of the network. Upon completion of the work the system was interfaced with the MOC accounting and auto-disconnect facilities.
    As the areas under coverage with the service are connected via land lines, we moved the outdoor BTS to new developing areas without ground telephone services infrastructure.
    The project included the supply of the 3G CDMA cellular mobile and fixed wireless terminal (WLL), microwave and fibre transmission circuits (85E1 circuits) connecting and integrating the network core with the MOC local,   tandem, and international exchanges.  We connected the network core to special MOC exchanges, MTC and Wataniya mobile network exchanges. The project included connection and integration with the MOC auto-disconnect and billing system, network management systems, power systems, and telemetry.
    ACC was the first company to roll out a commercial 3G network in the MEA, and by contract acted as the cellular network operator on behalf of MOC.
    As a result of successful completion of this project, MOC is now able to provide telephony services to new cities and areas in which the fixed line infrastructure is not yet available.

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