National Bank of Kuwait

    Project Name: 
    Broadband Microwave Network Solution

Our company was honoured to be selected by NBK, one of the leading banks in Kuwait and the region, to design, commission and deliver a turnkey broadband microwave network solution.
The requirements of this network calls for a high-speed, resilient solution that is able to withstand Kuwait’s extreme weather, and able to connect all of  the banks many  branches located throughout Kuwait, together with the head office  and  provide an SLA to ensure continuous operations of all NBK branches without any interruption.
This microwave network was also to allow NBK to benefit from many additional services such as:

  • Centralization of the CCTV security surveillance and CCTV video transmission and recording.
  • Centralized CRM services.
  • High speed intranet and internet access from HQ to the branches.
  • Consolidated server support from HQ instead of a server at each branch.
  • High bandwidth in branches, facilitating high quality video conferencing.
  • Provide ITU high grade microwave links to each branch and eliminate the dependence of any multi-branch business on local telecom service providers.
  • Linking shall be able to provide high-grade reliability and the network is to be based on distributed architecture with a single point of failure.
  • Withstanding any types of extreme weather conditions without any problem.

In addition to the above, the bank wanted an economical solution compared to other service providers, balancing the costs with the added benefits offered.
After careful consideration of these requirements and with the cooperation of our foreign consultants and suppliers, our telecom engineers recommended a solution for obtaining a microwave frequency and tower licenses for NBK.  We wanted to eliminate the possibility of branch networks failures which had been a continuous problem for the bank with 2 branch networks going down per day, caused by cable cuts and equipment failures.   In order to solve those problems we prescribed a new resilient network with ITU grade 99.999% availability.
The entire project was successfully commissioned and has  around 66 microwave branch links in operation, in addition to various fiber links which are connected in a ring to the NBK core Cisco routers and switches, and to the main head office.
This project enabled us to successfully pioneer the concept of independency in the banking sector and we were able to deliver a telecom network that is both economically sound and offers far more advantages than copper or radio technologies.
Our solution offered NBK the opportunity to rely on this network and recover the down-time. In addition to the technical achievements, NBK network offers, customer satisfaction through high productivity and scalable capacity and enables easy expansion and high level of security. Today we continue to provide NBK with round the clock maintenance and support for this network, keeping it working in perfect condition.

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