Personnel and Administration

    Project Name: 
    Automation of Personnel and Administrative Functions
    Project overview: 
    Improvement of Personnel and Administrative Procedures

Our company witnessed a positive development in the Personnel and Administrative Affairs Department which was initiated by the need to improve the department in order to cope with many problems we were facing, such as an overwhelming volume of work and problems involved in managing the internal affairs of around 300 employees.
The aim of our development initiative was to manage the large work volumes, to better manage the internal affairs of our employees and to work on providing their daily and monthly requirements; including residences, identification cards, health insurance, as well as issuing monthly reports. This had to be completed without obstructing the administrative work of our company in other areas.
These tasks required an automated system which would facilitate smooth work flow.  Two new software's were installed that replaced our old software's and was followed by a complete data migration as well as a successful update.  Salaries are now fully automated and integrated with each employee data information enabling easy and fast management of salaries.
In addition, new software and the upgrade helps us in completing all types of annual leaves, sick leaves, work leaves, as well as presenting the monthly reports, salaries, bank account statements, leave entitlements and other vital information.
We have also introduced the use of Smart Soft software for preparing and printing all the ministries’ forms, renewing residences, civil cards, business and family visas as well as commercial permits and others.
Our Administration Department now has fully automated administrative functions and procedures that are required daily, these include the following:

  • Employee selection and recruitment
  • Processing visas for overseas employees
  • Employee enrollment
  • Probation & Confirmation
  • Residency transfer formalities
  • Processing all kinds of leave: annual leave, sick leave, business leave etc.
  • Dealing with day to day personnel related issues in the ministries  (MOSA)
  • Processing terminations, resignations etc.
  • Processing end of service benefits.
  • Recommendations for increments and promotions.
  • Allotment & custody for company mobile lines and vehicles
  • Maintenance of all admin and personnel records.
  • Issuing circulars, memos, notifications etc.
  • Renewal of company licenses.
  • Shipping & clearance.

These improvements are part of our constant efforts to improve our internal administrative works in the aim that this will reflect positively on our abilities to better serve our employees and customers alike.

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