Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)

    Project Name: 
    Executive Information System

Top Executives at Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) wanted to monitor business activities across the board. The main purpose was to help them in analyzing different patterns using various business angles and or dimensions in a prompt manner to reduce time and financial loss.
ACC has successfully implemented an Executive Information System (EIS) which contains all historical information of their business enterprise with an excellent and well structured data warehouse. The system was intentionally de-normalized and designed for fast retrieval of data.
Some of the key activities included in this project are;

  • Technical Architecture Review
  • Physical Database Design
  • ETL Design Documentation
  • Source to target Mappings
  • Report and Screens Specifications
  • Metadata Design Document
  • ETL Tools configured to source to target mappings
  • Metadata repository configured / developed
  • Unit Test conducted
  • Deployment and loading of datawarehouse
  • Completion of database validation & system tests for datawarehouse
  • ETL tools configured for all source-to-target (DW to DM) ETL processes
  • End User (EIS) applications developed
  • Unit Integration tests completed
  • Deployment - phase 2 (Deployment of Data Mart and EIS End-user Interface
  • Deployment of Data Mart and EIS with all reports / measures

EIS has greatly helped KNPC in decision making and statistical analysis thereby reducing time and financial loss.

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