Telecommunication Networks

ACC provides complete turnkey Telecommunication Networks solutions including terminals, PTP or PMP links and nodes which connect together to enable telecommunication between users of the terminals. The networks may use various channels i.e. copper, radio, microwave, and fiber optics communications, plus the use of the orbiting satellites and the Internet.   Microwave & fiber optical transmission, Voice & video IP-telephony, NGN & soft switch, GPON, active & passive cable management systems, network management systems, network operation centers RF, fiber, & copper cables, measurement & testing systems, towers, shelters, racks, rectifiers, UPS & batteries.
  • Kuwait Oil Company

    Our Company was awarded by M/s KOC a PON CW project. Under this contract, KOC required a complete passive fiber optic cable network infrastructure capable of transmitting a minimum of 100 Giga bit per second signals from Security Systems, DWDM/Transmission equipment which required the construction of 1000Km duct system comprising of manholes and handholes with 2-way double walled corrugated HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) 120mm pipes and HDPE sub-ducts 40mm laid in one of the ducts. One of the sub-ducts is to be used to lay the fiber optic cable by cable blowing method. The fiber optic cable shall meet the ITU recommendations G-655 characteristics with 48 fibers.
    Most of the excavation work must be done in ‘Hazardous Areas’ which poses high risks. Excavation is being carried out by hand, down to the required level in all types of surfaces, soils and rocks inclusive of asphalts, gatch roads/track roads and paved surfaces in part of Kuwait. The works involves the excavation of trenches one (1) meter deep and 0.60 meter wide along the cable route to lay 2-way pipes and backfilling of the trenches after laying of pipes and compaction. Micro tunneling is being carried out for laying ducts across highways, wherever required. Electronic ball markers and cable route markers are being installed along the routes as well.
    The ducts and accessories are of the latest standards of OSP installation practices of communication system. The ducts and couplers are designed to withstand high pressure, suitable to blow the jacketed fiber optic cable through sub-ducts laid inside. Sub-ducts used are internally spirally ribbed to give longer blow ability for jacketed fibre optic cables with a minimum blowing distance of 2000 meter per shot. In general, the cable route shall run parallel to existing roads and to maintain physical ring configuration and redundancy return route shall be selected on the opposite side of the road.

  • Kuwait Naitonal Pertroleum Company

    In 1998 our company was selected as the prime contractor by Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) for the installation of an intra-refinery fiber optic cable plant to link a total of 26 buildings inside KNPC’s three main refineries and to install an inter-refinery fiber optic cable link between these refineries to carry high speed voice and signaling data between networks and digital exchanges, in Mina Ahmadi (MAA), Mina Shuaiba (SHU) and Mina Abdallah (MAB).
    ACC planned and engineered an underground fiber optic-armored cable to provide all required facilities to support data communications in each refinery. For this turn-key project ACC carried out a detailed survey of existing underground services. The project involved hand excavations to avoid damaging the underlying cables and strict adherence to safety regulations and precautions in place.
    Composite type fiber optic cables were installed, outdoor fiber optic cables were armoured with steel wire and lead protection between inner and outer sheaths. Outer sheaths were designed with material which would be resistant to crude oil and petrochemicals and were painted with carbon for protection against ultraviolet radiation. The indoor cable outer sheath was constructed of low smoke, halogen- free material.
    ACC installed a Nokia SDH transmission system, STM-1, in fully redundant ring configuration with ADD/DROP feature at MAA, MAB and SHU with automatic switching capability.
    The intra-refinery fiber optic cable plant was ready within 8 months. This plant replaced KNPC’s existing copper cable network and upgraded all required facilities to support data communications in each refinery to transmit data signals from a central location to several individual data outlet locations.
    Inter-refinery fiber optic cable links established a fiber optic cable link between KNPC refineries and Ministry of Communications (MOC) and implemented high speed data, voice and signaling between their own exchanges, wideband videos conferencing, e-mail and the voice and data of the trunking radio system of KNPC.  KNPC upgraded their existing copper telephony network to digital and established their own ISDN network.

  • Kuwait Ministry of Interior

    In 2003, Kuwait Ministry of Interior awarded our company a contract to replace their existing copper telephone services with a high speed fiber optic transmission system.  The system specifications included the ability to carry 450 FXO/FXS lines from the Ministry of Communication’s (MOC) Mishref telephone exchange, data lines and E1 services to MOI’s four departments located in South Surra at about 12 Km away from the MOC exchange.
    We designed, engineered and installed a Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) STM-1 technology system in 5 locations, along with a fiber optic cable to transport large quantities of data and voice lines.  It was designed to work in a ring configuration with add-drop multiplexer (ADM) in all directions.
    Our team worked closely with our suppliers on the co-ordination of the equipments and installation support.  All the network components needed to be fully commissioned to work together bringing state of the art high speed telecom technology.
    A fiber optic cable with 24 fibers, was installed between MOC Mishref Exchange and MOI State Security Department (SSD).  Twelve fibers were branched out between Communication Engineering Dept. (CED), Civil Defense Dept. (CDD), State Security Dept. (SSD) and Special Force Dept. (SFD).  As there was no existing duct route system available inside MOI campus, ACC installed a new duct route between MOI buildings. MOI engineers were locally trained by our team on SDH/PDH system, fiber optic cable installation, splicing and testing.
    After the installation of the fiber optic cables between MOI's buildings, MOI upgraded their existing copper network to high speed data networks.  300 FXO/FXS lines were transferred to the fiber optic system between MOC exchange and SSD and 150 FXO/FXS lines were transferred from CED to SFD, CDD &  SSD.
    This dedicated network has successfully managed to provide MOI with their own telephone networks.  Over these fiber links, MOI have installed various other dedicated networks like ISDN, internet etc.  MOI have also had their network management system (NMS) installed at CED, which provides remote access control for the entire newly-installed SDH system.

  • Kuwait Ministry Of Communication

    In 1992, as Kuwait’s existing telephone network was severely damaged due to its invasion by Iraq, MOC sought to procure a reliable and advanced telecommunications system through a bidding process.
    Our company was amongst the participating bidders and was awarded by the Ministry of Communications (MOC), to design, engineer and install Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) technology involving 20 exchanges over a fiber optic cable, to transport large quantities of data and voice lines throughout Kuwait.
    In collaboration with Nokia Telecommunications- Finland, and the cable manufacturer, ANT Bosch Telecom – Germany, our company executed this turnkey project which involved the installations of around 43 links of 140Mb/s PDH system with 5000 multiplexers, varying from 140Mb/s to 2Mb/s. These had to be sorted by card type and installed as per site requirement.
    After the system was successfully installed,  MOC engineers were trained on the new Nokia transmission system at Nokia Telecommunications Training Centre in Finland and gained additional knowledge on fiber optic cable installation, splicing and testing.
    The complete PCM system was ready for operation within 18 months. Almost 240 Km of fiber optic cables were installed between MOC exchanges. The PDH system was installed in 20 exchanges, capable of carrying 82,000 voice/data units per second and thus creating a hotline (H/L) and 4 wire (4W) systems.
    This system works as a backbone transmission system between various MOC exchanges. The H/L system has 3 types of channels: hotlines, between 2 exchange subscribers, ring down channels involving a local battery switchboard and universal units for remote subscribers.
    As part of the offered system, a monitoring center for the transmission management system was installed that collects, processes and presents information on alarms from all the 20 exchanges to the operators, giving them full information and control of the equipments round the clock.  Our company continues to provide maintenance and support services for MOC.

  • National Bank of Kuwait

    Our company was honoured to be selected by NBK, one of the leading banks in Kuwait and the region, to design, commission and deliver a turnkey broadband microwave network solution.
    The requirements of this network calls for a high-speed, resilient solution that is able to withstand Kuwait’s extreme weather, and able to connect all of  the banks many  branches located throughout Kuwait, together with the head office  and  provide an SLA to ensure continuous operations of all NBK branches without any interruption.
    This microwave network was also to allow NBK to benefit from many additional services such as:

    • Centralization of the CCTV security surveillance and CCTV video transmission and recording.
    • Centralized CRM services.
    • High speed intranet and internet access from HQ to the branches.
    • Consolidated server support from HQ instead of a server at each branch.
    • High bandwidth in branches, facilitating high quality video conferencing.
    • Provide ITU high grade microwave links to each branch and eliminate the dependence of any multi-branch business on local telecom service providers.
    • Linking shall be able to provide high-grade reliability and the network is to be based on distributed architecture with a single point of failure.
    • Withstanding any types of extreme weather conditions without any problem.

    In addition to the above, the bank wanted an economical solution compared to other service providers, balancing the costs with the added benefits offered.
    After careful consideration of these requirements and with the cooperation of our foreign consultants and suppliers, our telecom engineers recommended a solution for obtaining a microwave frequency and tower licenses for NBK.  We wanted to eliminate the possibility of branch networks failures which had been a continuous problem for the bank with 2 branch networks going down per day, caused by cable cuts and equipment failures.   In order to solve those problems we prescribed a new resilient network with ITU grade 99.999% availability.
    The entire project was successfully commissioned and has  around 66 microwave branch links in operation, in addition to various fiber links which are connected in a ring to the NBK core Cisco routers and switches, and to the main head office.
    This project enabled us to successfully pioneer the concept of independency in the banking sector and we were able to deliver a telecom network that is both economically sound and offers far more advantages than copper or radio technologies.
    Our solution offered NBK the opportunity to rely on this network and recover the down-time. In addition to the technical achievements, NBK network offers, customer satisfaction through high productivity and scalable capacity and enables easy expansion and high level of security. Today we continue to provide NBK with round the clock maintenance and support for this network, keeping it working in perfect condition.

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