Navigation & Monitoring

ACC provides complete turnkey navigation and monitoring solutions to Marine Ports and Air Ports for the process of planning, reading, guidance, and controlling the movement of vessels from one place to another. ACC provides solutions for the following disciplines:   Port observation tower systems VTS & VTMS ISPS Code Simulators Radars, chart plotters, and AIS GMDSS GPS, sonar, and echo sounders Oceanography sensors Meteorology sensors Telemetry & display systems Fixed & mobile command centers Radio frequency monitoring & direction finding centers Field strength monitoring vehicles CCTV, NVR, and monitoring center Management systems Navigation and monitoring systems are essential for marine ports and airports in order to supervise the movement of boats, ships, and aircrafts from one location to another. At ACC we have been instrumental in the set up of many systems for navigation & monitoring in Kuwait. We provide complete turnkey navigation and monitoring solutions which includes port observation tower systems, chart plotters, weather satellite systems, VTS & VTMS ISPS Code Simulators Radars, and much more. ACC’s team of experts continues to successfully implement a number of turnkey projects for navigation & monitoring in Kuwait. This includes the installation of a complete navigation and monitoring system for the Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) to manage commercial vessels traffic. Our turnkey solutions include the design, delivery, and commissioning of radio communication equipment such as radars, sonars, echo sounders, meteorological systems, tide height sensors, wireless data network connecting sensors, and more. We provide customized solutions which includes maintenance and support to meet a wide range of customers’ needs. You can count on our electrical and electronic experts to help design, purchase, and install the right type of navigation and monitoring equipment. At ACC, our corporate philosophy is to provide state-of-the-art systems for navigation and monitoring in Kuwait that work in conjunction with traditional techniques to ensure the highest levels of performance and safety.
  • Kuwait Ports Authority

    In 2002, the Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA)  awarded our company a contract to provide a complete navigation and monitoring system for the KPA towers / vessels / crane operators to monitor and manage commercial vessels traffic with the following system components: Tower main radio base station, operators radio base station, portable radio station, port tower ARPA radar with AIS integration, ECDIS: electronic chart display, vessel ARPA radar, GPS, ECHOSOUNDERs, navigation sonars, wind stations, visibility systems, wave & tide sensor systems, current speed sensors, audio recorder, automatic identification system (AIS), DSC-GMDSS, CCTV & recorders, telemetry application and display systems, and operator consoles.
    Our main challenge was to implement the entire system in 90 days while keeping the old system in operation and getting approvals for the system from Ministry of Communication, Coast Guard, and the Kuwait Navy.
    We provided turnkey integrated project including design, delivery, commissioning of a conventional radio communications providing voice communication at all Kuwait authority ports. The project included towers and vessels maritime navigation system such as radars/ sonars / echosounder, meteorological systems such as wind and visibility sensors, underwater systems such as sea wave / tide height sensors and water current sensors, integrated telemetry application, wireless data network connecting sensors to ports observation towers control system.
    The solution provided by us has enabled KPA to have uninterrupted and easy tower operations.
    ACC continues to provide Maintenance and services support for this project.

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