Wahid Selman

    Job Title: 
    Deputy Manager ICT - Telecom
    Years of Experience: 
    16 years
    Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Wahid joined ACC in 1995 as Telecom Engineer and grew in positions to Telecom Division Manager and Deputy ICT Dept. Manager.
As the Telecom Divison Head, he is responsible for Pre-Sales, Engineering Architecture & Integration, Equipment Procurement for Installation, Proposals Preparations, Assignment of projects HR resources to projects, and Projects Commercial Evaluation and Execution.  He is a specialist in Telecommunications, Broadcast, and Navigation Network Architectures & Integrations.
He has worked as Research Engineer at Doremi CA USA, as Electron Beam Program Engineer at Align Rite CA USA, as Research Assistant in Statistical Predictive Video Compression Algorithm for NASA JPL Jupiter Space Probe Galileo.
Wahid holds BSc. and MSc. Degree from California, Los Angeles University, USA in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Telecom & Digital Signals Processing.

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